Pâtés | Traditional French Appetiser

In traditional French cuisine pâtés are a perfectly balanced mixture of cooked meat and fat with added seasonings. The mixture is processed into a smooth spreadable delicacy which you would serve on toasted baguette, topped with juicy cornichons (French pickled baby-cucumbers)

For 20 years La Parisienne Pâtés have specialised in the making of French traditional smallgoods. Burgundy-born Stéphane Langlois, Charcuterie apprenticeship trained in Saône-et-Loire Mercurey, taps his passion for French Charcuterie here in the heart of Melbourne. Our Wholesale and Retail stores boasts with over 150 traditionally made Charcuterie product lines.

We specialise in house-made products and have a distinctive range of Wheat-free (Warning: food is cooked using equipment that also processes wheat products) pâtés, terrines and rillettes. Our pâtés range includes the delectable fois gras and duck liver varieties.

Discover our product range stocked in an outlet near you including our signature Lygon St retail store in Carlton and our new Toorak Rd store in South Yarra.