Sauçissons | Charcuterie Board Must-Have

No charcuterie Board would be complete without a few slices of sauçisson. Also known as sauçisson sec, this traditional French cured sausage is typically made from a precise mixture of well seasoned lean meat and fat. It is delicious and satisfying eaten on it's own or on fresh baguette with butter and juicy cornichons (French pickled baby-cucumbers).

We specialise in house-made products and have a distinctive range of sauçissons, pâtés, terrines and rillettes. Our sauçisson range includes the classic sauçisson sec with black pepper and the delectable sauçisson aux truffes (truffle infused sauçisson).

Sauçissons, created from traditional food preservation techniques, have a skin around it which is usually removed. You will see (harmless) moulds on the surface which are an integral part of the preservation and flavour. French people typically eat the sausage (without cooking it!) by itself as part of a charcuterie platter or they often enjoy it with bread and butter.

La Parisienne Pates sauçissons feature a rich, creamy flavour that reflects our charcuterier Stéphane Langlois' Burgundy training and heritage. Enjoy with a rustic French wine, perhaps a Pinot Noir?