Traditional French Sausage, Made in Melbourne

La Parisienne Pâtés are the only company in Australia with a genuine French-trained, French charcutier producing Charcuterie products including traditional French sausage. Melbourne loves our range of wonderful, fresh products and no doubt you will too! Check out these French sausages and contact us for wholesale or retail enquiries.


andouillette french sausage

Andouillette is a coarse-grain poached sausage for the real connoisseur of pork. A Lyon specialty, the Andouillette sausage is made with pork intestines, chitterlings, onions, garlic, Dijon mustard, pepper and fresh parsley.

Boudin Noir

boudin noir sausage melbourne

Boudin Noir is the traditional French blood sausage. A mix of pork blood, spices & onions, this sausage is delicious served with caramelised onions, baked apples and potatoes.


lyonnaise pork sausage

La Lyonnaise is originally from the French town of Lyon. A coarse pork poached sausage mixed w garlic, brandy and lots of pistachio. The perfect winter sausage served with Lentil du Puy , haricot beans, Sauerkraut or simply baked garlic butter with potatoes and Dijon mustard.


toulousae sausage melbourne wholesale

A classic and traditional sausage made with coarse pork mince and well seasoned with salt and pepper. The Toulouse sausage is key to a perfect Cassoulet, a hearty Southern French dish complete with duck confit, pork belly and white haricot beans.

Venison and spring onions

wholesale venison sausage

This gamey sausage is made from minced venison and pork marinated in brandy and spices. Some freshly chopped spring onion is added to complement the bold game flavours of the meat. The venison and spring onion sausage is ideal served with a lentil casserole.

Boudin Blanc

boudin blanc french sausage melbourne

Boudin blanc is a white poached pork sausage. A flavoursome conbination of pork, milk, brandy and cèpes mushrooms this poached sausage can be enjoyed in many delectable or simple dishes.

Duck, port and fennel

duck sausage wholesale melbourne

Made with duck and pork filets marinated in port and spices, this sausage is lean and fresh with the added flavour of fennel seeds. This versatile gourmet sausage can be baked, BBQ or poached into a hearty lentil casserole.


Merguez originates from Morocco. This sausage is made from finely minced lamb and beef marinated in North African Spices including cumin, paprika, chilli, fennel seeds and garlic. Merguez is essential to the traditional Moroccan dish Coucous, served with Harissa and vegetables.

Rabbit and thyme

rabbit sausage melbourne sale

La Parisienne Pâtés' rabbit and thyme sausage is made from coarsely minced rabbit and pork filets marinated in brandy. With some added thyme and spices, this sausage is perfect served with polenta and roasted vegetables.