Wholesale Charcuterie Products

For 20 years La Parisienne Pâtés have specialised in the making of French traditional smallgoods. Burgundy born Stéphane Langlois, Charcuterie apprenticeship trained in Saône-et-Loire Mercurey, taps his passion for French Charcuterie here in the heart of Melbourne. Stéphane continues to this day, to use his young adulthood recipes, traditional and some modern influence is catered and stocked in over 200 outlets around Australia. Sharing the same love for Charcuterie, Stéphane and wife Muriel Langlois continue to always provide its top quality services to existing and potentially new Wholesale customers. Discover all our range of French Charcuterie products and talk to us about ordering La Parisienne Pâtés product lines for your business. View our full list of products available for retail and wholesale here.

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